Popsocology is the word we created to describe our approach to combining a "for profit"" business with four of our most important values: familia, healthy living, environmental stewardship, and Keeping Austin Cool!



We are committed to making every frozen pop with as much love, care, and happiness as we did when we made those first paletas for our children. We are also committed to treating our customers with as much respect, and hospitality as our own family. We have made a conscious decision to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by keeping our business local and family owned.


Environmental Responsibility

We love this Earth that sustains and nourishes us, and so we are doing the best we can to care for our environment by sourcing ingredients from local farmers, composting nearly everything that canít be frozen into a pop, recycling everything possible, and purchasing used equipment.


Healthy Living

All the ingredients that go into making Mom & Pops, are carefully and mindfully chosen based on the original high standards that we set when we first started making paletas. We believe that "simple is better," and so you will find that most of our pops have five or fewer ingredients. We hand cut fresh fruit, herbs, and make our blends in micro batches so that the quality is unparalleled. Mom & Pops also offers a variety of flavors and ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your dietary practices might be.


Keeping Austin Cool

We chose our name because we literally are a "mom & pop" business that relies on local support from our Austin area community. In exchange, we pledge to share our success and experiences with our community. We love to support our local farms, businesses, non-profits, and all other local talent. We are always interested in non-traditional collaborations that can help all of us grow our local economy and add value to our lives.

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